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Catalogue 1: Badge Designs

Badge designs currently available are shown below. If you can't see what you want, get in touch, although I can't promise when or if I'll get round to charting them. My contact details appear on the home page. Boro supporters visit Catalogue 2 to see my Middlesbrough FC designs.

Please Note: The pictures displayed below are computer graphics for illustrative purposes only. My designs do not require as many stitches as these graphics may suggest! The sizes quoted are the maximum width x height in (approximate) centimetres when stitched on 14 count fabric.

England (13.5cm x 16.5cm)
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Wales (18.5cm x 11cm)
Arsenal 1 (18cm x 12cm)
Arsenal 2 (14cm x 15cm)
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Aston Villa (7cm x 12cm)
Birmingham (9cm x 15.5cm)
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Blackburn (14cm x 15cm)
Bolton (12cm x 17.5cm)
Brighton (17cm x 19.5cm)
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Cambridge (10cm x 13cm)
Celtic (13cm x 13cm)
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Charlton (12cm x 12cm)
Derby (8cm x 8cm)
Everton (22cm x 18cm)
Fulham (10cm x 14cm)
Grimsby (14cm x 17cm)
Hartlepool (8cm x 8cm)
Hearts (19cm x 18cm)
Ipswich (14cm x 18cm)
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Leeds (15cm x 20cm)
Leicester (11cm x 12cm)
Liverpool (14cm x 18cm)
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Middlesbrough 1986 (20cm x 20cm)
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Middlesbrough 2 (19cm x 20cm)
Newcastle Utd (17cm x 17cm)
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Norwich (11cm x 12cm)
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Nottingham Forest (8cm x 14cm)
Portsmouth (14cm x 17cm)
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Preston (11.5cm x 14cm)
QPR (15cm x 17cm)
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Rangers 1 (13cm x 14cm)
Rangers 2 (10cm x 12cm)
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Sheffield Wednesday 1 (10cm x 13cm)
Sheffield Wednesday 2 (15cm x 18cm)
Southampton (9cm x 12cm)
Stockport County (15cm x 17cm)
Stoke City (17cm x 19cm)
Swansea City (13cm x 12cm)
Torquay (17cm x 17cm)
Tranmere (16.5cm x 18.5cm)
Watford (15.5cm x 16.5cm)
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West Bromich Albion (12cm x 13cm)
Wolves 1 (7cm x 11cm)
Wolves 2 (7.5cm x 10cm)

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