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Spaced Out

A brand new Android trivia game for football fans. The aim of the game is to complete the starting line-up for the game specified by entering 11 player's surnames into the 11 text boxes on the game screen. At the start of the game, each player's name has been disguised by replacing all alpha characters (A to Z) by a question mark (?). The number of characters in each player's surname can be found to the right of each text box.

To enter a player's name, tap the appropriate text box and use the keyboard to enter characters. Each box will accept no more characters than the number of characters in that player's surname. If the entered name is correct, the text format changes and that text box becomes locked. If the entered name is incorrect, the text format remains the same. The entered value will be reset to the disguised value upon leaving that text box.

The game is complete when all 11 players names have been correctly entered into the 11 text boxes.

Clicking the RESET button on the game screen will set the game back to its start position, i.e., all player names are reset to the disguised values. Clicking the REVEAL button on the game screen will display the game solution.


GAME SETTINGS - Game settings can be changed by selecting 'Settings' from the main menu. There are 3 game LEVEL settings which can be changed at any time including mid-way through playing a game:

Level 3 (default level) - All alpha characters (A to Z) in each player's surname have been replaced by a question mark (?).

Level 2 (easier) - As per level 3 except the LAST character of each player's surname is not disguised.

Level 1 (easiest) - As per level 3 except the FIRST character of each player's surname is not disguised.

The USER NAME setting is redundant in this version.


DISPLAY GAME IN PROGRESS - From the main menu you can display details of the last game started by selecting 'Game in Progress'. The details appear for a few seconds in a 'pop up' notice.



Look out for special characters such as hyphens (-) and apostrophes (') in player's names as those characters are not disguised.

The game level can be changed at any time including mid-way through playing a game. If you are stuck in any particular game, try changing to an easier level (see Game Settings).

Team line-ups have been obtained from match programmes, websites and other resources and are listed in the game in the order specified by the resource. Where a player is known by more than one name, the player's name may be either the most popular name or that specified in the resource, e.g., TUNCAY SANLI may appear as TUNCAY' or 'SANLI'.



The following editions of Spaced out are now available with further editions for other clubs to be released in due course:

  • England Internationals Edition
  • Middlesbrough Edition
  • Manchester United Edition
  • Arsenal Edition
  • Liverpool Edition
  • Rangers Edition
  • Celtic Edition

Each full paid edition of Spaced Out includes 18 key games from the 1970's to date. Try before you buy! For each full paid edition, there is also a free sampler which includes all the functionality of the full paid edition, but includes only 1 game.

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