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Important Information About My Designs

In 1996, with the permission of Middlesbrough Football Club, I designed and marketed a number of cross stitch charts and kits, themed around the club I have supported since the days of Jack Charlton and winning the old second division title by a record 15 point margin.

Soon after, in an attempt to promote the products, I launched the Marshall Football Collection web-site. As the number of hits to my site went up, so did the requests to produce more designs based on other clubs. My collection now amounts to designs based on more than thirty clubs.

Designing cross-stitch charts is not my occupation. It is simply a hobby; one I enjoy that enables cross-stitchers to obtain designs at a reasonable price.

And so to the point. Quite rightly, football clubs are very protective of copyrighted materials and trademarks, which club badges invariably are. With the exception of Middlesbrough FC, I have not obtained permission and I do not hold licenses to sell my designs. I have approached a number of clubs, however, with the exception of MFC, they have shown little interest, insisting there is no market for such a product, or have offered me a licence in exchange for around £1,000 (unfortunately not a viable option). For this reason the designs in my collection are available at a price which just about covers the production costs.

And, at the request of any club, I will immediately remove from my collection the design based on their club badge. Such requests should be made in writing to my address as detailed on the home page.

Dave Marshall


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